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Audit and Assessment
  • ITcert have a commercial and academic reputation for audit programmes. Our team have developed both UK and international standards and asessments. The design is focused on "support". and continuous improvement through remedial actions.
  • Audits are undertaken at all levels covering the UK and beyond, including schools, Further Education and Higher Education. We work to the highest ethical standards.
  • Auditors are selected for their occupational competance, gravitas, integrity and common sense. All auditors have relevant qualifications.
  • We often carry out desktop audits and research, and are experts in designing scripts and reporting metrics for calls, typically with a strategic or custom objective.
  • The auditing output can be report or statistic driven and can deliver grading, scoring, pass/fail or informal feed-back as a form of intelligence gathering. We are experts in providing a "total ownership" service. 
  • We have a long history of dealing with escalated complaints where our skills are used for process improvement both for organisations or at individual level. ​
  • ITcert Solutions have been the appointed quality auditors for Microsoft approved training providers, audit to BSI standards, function as Awarding Body External Verifiers and have devloped training standards for the UK.





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