Jul 20

As we enter the holiday period we are aware that many staff in education ​​continue to work during the summer break. Our support team will continue our normal operating schedule, so please contact us if you need assistance or advice.​

Jun 15
Working with your licence reseller

We have had several occasions recently where our customers are not sure how to renew their subscription with us. Our preferred choice is always to wotk with your Microsoft licence reseller and if  they are not aware of our product please give them our contact details.​

May 29
"Skills" overtaking "Subjects"

I was interested to read the account of changes to the  foucus for education in Finland. It seems to fit well with the links between vendor certifications and mainstream vocational and academic curriculum. It's on the BBC web site -  Skills or Subjects     At least it will be a good discussion point!


May 03
Keeping up to date with Microsoft and education
Learn more about Microsoft in Education by following #MicrosoftEDU. There is a great presentation by Satya Nadella. Also Certiport have launched the new MTA "Intro to programming using block based languages" in the UK and Ireland. 

Apr 24
Overview of Microsoft Certifications

Fo a complete overview of Microsoft Certifications  visit


Apr 05
Information about Apprenticeships

In the run up to the introduction of the Apprenticeship Levy, the Tech Partnership has produced a free good practice guide to the new digital apprenticeship standards especially for training providers.

The guide – accurate as of March 2017 and to be updated regularly – includes information on funding support, the Apprenticeship Levy, assessment and grading, qualifications and how to get started.


Mar 19
Windows 10 and The Imagine Academy

We have just been updated that Microsoft is planning to launch courses for Windows 10, however, the official date of release is not yet known. Microsoft is currently working on its production and development. Microsoft advise checking the following website periodicaly to find out any updates.

Mar 07
MTA News
We recently received a Microsoft announcement that the MTA Computer Science Certification Exam is Live!

   Introduction to Programming with Block-Based Languages: MTA Exam 98-380 validates fundamental programming knowledge and skills using block-based programming languages. 

Exam prep is the "Creative Coding Through Games and Apps" term-long course that introduces programming in the early secondary grades. Students learn by creating real games or apps and by working in the same way as a professional programmer, in a real software development environment.​ I haven't checked this out so it's just a prelimary piece of news. We will also be keping an eye on the proposed T-level exam tracks and how those might fit with Microsoft certifications.


Mar 01
The Tech Partnership

We have just been notified the The Tech Partnership (formally e-skills UK) have changed their address. They are now at 36 Broadway, Westminster, SW1H 0BH. They are responsible for UK National Occupational Standards and a great source of information. We will be forwarding their latest newsletter to all our members.​ We have also spotted that there are improvements to Skillspipe if any of us are using it to deliver curriculum from Courseware Marketplace, for example Microsoft Official Courseware (MOC)

Feb 11

We have just spotted a useful on-line seminar being given by Julie Feest of The Tech Partnership. It's on Tuesday March 7th at 1 p.m. and the registration details are on ​​​ look under "Events". There is also a chance to review and comment on the new version of the National Occupational Standards​​ and very opptimistic news about opportunities in cyber​ security. That must be the most promising growth market for us all.​

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